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Photos of Washington Street’s Flowers

22 Aug

flowers washington street cape may

Washington Street isn’t just great because of the mall – it’s gorgeous in its own right. For example: have you ever noticed the foliage? Our photographer took a stroll down the historic throughway and snapped these lovely photos of the flowers growing along the street. There are just so many things that make Cape May beautiful.

Cape May Craft Beer and Crab Festival

11 Aug

August 11, 2012: Cape May Craft Beer and Crab Festival If you love beer and crabs, obviously there’s only one place to be tomorrow, and that’s at the Emlen Physick Estate for the Cape May Craft Beer and Crab Festival. And even if you don’t love beer or crabs (really?), there’s a ton of other […]

The View From The Stand

29 Jul

Sat Poverty Beach and had to go Double-Umbie today. It was Africa-Hot in Cape May, but up on the North End the beaches were a bit quieter than the middle of town and the water was a cool 76 degrees. A lazy day before the weekend rush. This was my first day back down on […]

The Poe Mysteries

25 Jul

We all know Cape May Lovers are also Theatre Lovers, so we had to let you know that today is opening day for East Lynne Theatre Company‘s new show, The Poe Mysteries. And, being opening night and all, there is an after-show party at The Washington Inn. The show runs now through September 1, so […]

Safety First

25 Jul

Nothing says “Good Morning!” quite like the arrival of the Cape May Beach Patrol.

Classic Sights

25 Jul