Beer Tasting Dinner at Aleathea’s

18 Sep

September 18: Beer Tasting Dinner at Aleathea’s

It’s usually white wine with fish and red wine with dark meats (usually), but what if you’re a beer drinker ?Well, then you can enjoy an awesome four-course dinner tonight by Chef Tai Menz at Aleathea’s at the Inn of Cape May, while beer authority and award-winning writer Gary Monterosso walks you through the how and why which beers pair best with which foods. Monterosso’ first book, Artisan Beer, was published last December, and he has written for several regional and national publications. You may sit down to your delectable Aleathea’s dinner a novice, but you’ll stand up a pro, as Monterosso discusses the pairings of beer with appetizer to soup to entrée to dessert. The elegantly casual environment of Aleathea’s is the perfect environment to enjoy Chef Tai’s healthy, organic, locally-sourced offerings. The dinner is sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) as part of its 16th Food and Wine Celebration this week. The cost for the dinner is $65, including gratuity, and it runs from 7-10pm. Seating is limited, so go to to view the menu and selected beers and to purchase your ticket. Cheers!

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