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West Cape May Strawberry Festival

3 Jun

West Cape May Strawberry Festival 2013

Wilbraham Park was crowded on a beautiful, sunny day for the West Cape May Strawberry Festival. There was live music, great vendors and even better food – we’re talking organic ice cream, amazing bbq, crepes and – of course – strawberries. Check out these great photos.

The View From The Stand

10 Aug

Clouds on Broadway

  These clouds rolling in only were able to stop the beautiful beach day we had today for about 30 minutes. ┬áCalling everyone off the beach is never fun, especially when there’s no rain- but after experiencing what lightning can do to a person first hand a few years ago, when there is lightning in […]

The View From The Stand

29 Jul

Sat Poverty Beach and had to go Double-Umbie today. It was Africa-Hot in Cape May, but up on the North End the beaches were a bit quieter than the middle of town and the water was a cool 76 degrees. A lazy day before the weekend rush. This was my first day back down on […]