Bliss Homemade Organic Ice Cream

15 Jul

Bliss /blis/ noun: 1. Perfect happiness, great joy; 2. Something providing such happiness

“Follow your bliss,” the saying goes. If yours seems to be eluding you lately, we can tell you where to locate it. And, this being Cape May, there are TWO places you can find it – Bliss on Carpenters Lane right in the center of town, and Bliss Homemade Organic Ice Cream over on Park Boulevard in West Cape May. We’ll start there – it’s the only place you can get ice cream in West Cape May, and this is not just any old ice cream. Fresh, homemade and organic, this stuff is a triple threat. And the flavors – sure, they’ve got your chocolate and vanilla covered (and the vanilla is among the best we’ve ever tasted), but why settle for that when you can get Honey Lavender, Cinnamon Clove, or Lemon Basil Mint Sorbet? They even have vegan selections. And if fresh, homemade and organic is a thing with you, you’ll want to get over to Bliss on Carpenters Lane, where you can get something healthy and scrumptious before you have your ice cream, if that’s how you roll. How about a grab and go lunch? Sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups – not to mention amazing locally-roasted coffee ground specifically for Bliss by Harry and Beans Coffee – are all available here, in addition to your favorite Bliss ice cream flavors. Call ahead for daily selections, and they’ll have your lunch ready to take to the beach. And we’d be utterly remiss not to mention the outstanding, refreshing smoothies – 100% fruit – no corn syrup here.

Your Bliss awaits you in Cape May – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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