Rita’s Water Ice

28 Jun

Rita’s Water Ice Cape May
711 Beach Ave Cape May, NJ 08204
(609) 884-0229

If there’s a downside to hanging on the beach in Cape May all day, it’s that one can get hot and thirsty – parched, even. Thank goodness there’s a Rita’s Water Ice conveniently located right on Beach Avenue. Rita’s, as you probably know, has been in the business of refreshing hot, thirsty customers in delicious fashion for nearly three decades, and the Beach Avenue Rita’s has been keeping Cape May cool for five years now. You probably already have a favorite Rita’s treat, whether it’s Italian ice, frozen custard, or their gelati – a blend of the two – or maybe a Misto, the same thing, but blended into a beverage. But if you haven’t been there lately, you’ll want to visit now, as there are plenty of sweet new temptations on tap – including sundaes with unlimited toppings…

Maybe you’re a purist – a strict cherry or chocolate water ice fan. That’s fine, but with approximately 18 different Italian ice flavors made fresh every day – that’s eighteen – maybe you’ll venture into Margarita, Peanut Butter & Jelly, or even Swedish Fish territory. There are even sugar-free options like Chocolate Mint and Raspberry Tea. Craving something richer and smoother? Perhaps Cream Ice is more your speed, with flavors like Oreo Cookies and Cream and Root Beer Float. And speaking of drinks, please – try their new Frozen Lemonade – fresh lemon ice mixed with another flavor of your choice (we recommend Mango), blended with just enough water so you can drink it through a straw. Perfect for those really hot beach days when lifting a spoon to your mouth is just too much work – Rita’s to the rescue. Oh, and about that – Rita’s of Cape May also caters. Full-service or drop-off, give them a call and Rita’s will give you an affordable way to make your next event plenty cool.

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