The View From The Stand

10 Aug

Clouds on Broadway

A short storm rolled in this afternoon, sending us off the beach. Luckily the day could not be ruined; we were back in action in 30 minutes.


These clouds rolling in only were able to stop the beautiful beach day we had today for about 30 minutes.  Calling everyone off the beach is never fun, especially when there’s no rain- but after experiencing what lightning can do to a person first hand a few years ago, when there is lightning in the area, the beach is the last place I want to be.


But the heat could not be turned off for long, and neither could the National Lifeguarding Championships, which we’ve covered earlier today.  Soon enough the sun was shining and the beach patrons were back.  Sitting Broadway Beach with my brother Tommy, we had a great view of the action on one of the most crowded beaches on the front.  The water and waves remain calm, but the projected storms may fire it up tomorrow.  If you are down in Cape May, stop on by the stand at Broadway, where it’s likely Tommy and I will be again tomorrow and take a crack at our daily trivia.

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  1. Cape May Today August 10, 2012 at 1:50 am #

    What was the trivia question today?

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