Murder Mystery Tour at the Emlen Physick Estate

22 Aug

August 22: “Clueless” at the Emlen Physick Estate

Sitting on the beach the whole day is all well and good, but it does tend to dull one’s senses. Sharpen them right back up again starting today and through October 6 with “Clueless” at the Emlen Physick Estate. A tour of the Physick is always intriguing – entertaining AND educational. “Clueless” makes it even more so, as tour-goers try to solve a murder mystery, interrogating suspects as they make their way through the beautiful Victorian rooms of the Physick Estate. “Clueless” at the Physick Estate has limited admission, and tickets are $18. Please check with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities for dates and times and to reserve your tour. And put on your thinking cap.

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